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Veterinary Medical Hospital - Client Comments

Small Animal Internal Medicine

-- Lynn Miller, Enid, OK (Canine)

"Extremely helpful and kind staff. Interested in what I had to say about the patient. Explained options for treatment. Great Experience. Thank you."  
-- Bobby Bonner, Stillwater, Oklahoma (Canine)

"OSU saved Cali's life. Thanks so much."  
-- Buu Du, Yukon, Oklahoma (Canine)

"After giving birth to four puppies, out pug was acting weird. We came in a bit late and were greeted by a fourth year veterinary student who was very professional. Our pug is currently being looked at and we feel like they are doing a splendid job communicating with us. We will be recommending this hopsital to other dog/animal owners." 
-- Aly and Stacey Vang, Stillwater, Oklahoma (Canine)

"Excellent service, capable vets and surgeons. Top notch in every respect. I will always hold this place dear to my heart for treating my pets."
-- Carol Lackey, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Canine)

"OSU saved my dog in the summer of 2014. He was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia and has been able to spend another 14 months and counting with me. Without OSU, he wouldn't have even made it to his 10th birthday."
-- Kimberly Simmons, South Haven, Kansas (Canine)

"Everyone who worked with my cat was amazing here. I came in a crying mess and everyone was super helpful and supportive. It was a scary time for me to bring my cat here and everyone was so nice and they kep me up to date with everything that was going on with him.."
-- Brittany Meeks, Springdale, Arkansas (Feline)

"Everyone was very helpful and did a great job. We would recommend you to everyone. We would like to thank you very much and thank you for the great job you did. Thanks and the best to all of you."
-- Bob and Kay Korff, Kiowa, KS (Canine)


"The entire experience was very pleasant, with genuineness present every step of the process."
-- Regina R. Jacobs, Edmond, OK (Feline)

"Very concerned and competent staff."
-- Susan Ingram, Guthrie, OK (Canine: Oncology)


"Very good experience. I feel like my dog is getting the very best in care."
-- S.A., Tulsa, OK (Canine: Oncology)


"Outstanding care was provided for my Jake.  Dr. Jarchow and David Bailey were great in care, explanations, and updates.  All of the staff exceeded my expectations and I do appreciate everyone.  Everything my veterinarian Dr. Chris Williams told me before I came here was true and my prayers have been answered.  Lea Anne and Leanne were also wonderful in reception.  Thank you all very much."
-- Jessie Noland, Ardmore, OK (Canine)


"Dr. Jarchow and the entire staff were exceptional. Our dog Bella has been under Dr. Jarchow's care for 3-4 months. I have nothing but superlatives to comment. Their professional care, amazing concern and follow-up for our Bella has been a tremendous strength for a very trying time for our family."
-- John and Janny Cooper, Edmond, OK (Canine)

"I have come here for almost 20 years and have always been happy."
-- Kate Coffee, Stillwater, OK (Canine: Oncology Service)

"There is nothing I can suggest to help this practice. The service, the staff, the students, and the veterinarians are outstanding in every way. I have never encountered an office (medical, veterinary or otherwise) which exhibits this high level of professionalism. I only wish I had known of this practice before now because I am sure I would have spared several pets much pain and suffering if they could have received care, here."
-- Jennie Patterson, Norman, OK (Feline)


"Whitney and Dr. Chang were very helpful and deserve a lot of credit for putting me at ease with my dog, Wilfred. You girls are great! Keep up the good work. You make a differece in so many lives."
-- Jon Bocox, Edmond, OK (Canine)

"We are very amazed and grateful for this hospital and especially for all the staff.  We are extremely pleased with the care and compassion each and every Doctor and Student has given us.  It is so wonderful and reassuring when we are in such an emotional state.  Thank you for all you do, all you are and for being there for us."
-- Connie Green, Norman, OK (Canine)

"We have every confidence in the doctors and students here to give their full attention and care for our pets.  I am totally at peace when they have been here because this place truly CARES.  Thanks for all"
-- L. Johnson, Tuttle, OK (Canine)

"Upon entering, I was welcomed and greeted with genuine care.  The staff, from the original phone call, to numerous students and treating doctors are remarkable...especially Dr. Lauren Cunningham.  This facility is highly-regarded and I will certainly recommend to all the pet lover's of the world."
-- Terri Nelson, OKC, OK (Canine)

"Very pleased with the veterinary service and proud of Oklahoma having such an outstanding teaching hospital."
-- Charles Black, OKC, OK (Feline)


"Very friendly staff!!!! Always very helpful and willing to answer our thousand questions! Thanks for all you do :)"
-- Amanda Akers, Stillwater, OK (Canine)

"The 4th years(Dana Shell and Garrett Metcalf) had just started their rotation, they were very friendly and helpful. It was a great experience!"
-- Donald Lavallee, Winfield, KS (Canine)

"Excellent carer [sic], I trust this doctor and your facility"
-- Susie Chastain, Porter, OK (Canine)


"Everything is great here. I can't think of any improvements that could be made. The Drs. were wonderful and so kind to our dog. They seemed so interested in finding out what his problem was."
-- Robery & Shirley Wilkie, Bethany, OK (Canine)


"We appreciate Dr. Neer and the students who did the testing on our dogs. Thank you. Great Job."
-- Randell Touchatt, Oklahoma City, OK (Canine)

"Everyone is extremely nice and helpful and cared a great deal about our pet."
-- Kim Driskel, Stillwater, OK (Canine)

"Dr. B and Merideth are the most amazing people in the world. I have felt so blessed that they were the ones taking care of my beloved pet, Curly"
-- Karla Oswald, Shell Knob, MO (Canine)

"Once again the courtesy and compassion, combined with the professionalism was greatly appreciated! Our pets, Rhett and Miss Scarlett, are precious to us, and they deserve the respect given to them every time we bring them in!"
-- Mr. and Mrs. John Bell, Jr., Stillwater, OK (Canine)

"Second time I've been here for emergency svcs. Wouldn't change a thing. A great place if you need immediate care for your animal. Dr's and staff are very informative and know their business well I would reccomend comming here to anyone that needed immediate care for their pet(s). :)"
-- Barney Turnham, Perkins, OK (Feline)

"Came to ER with Dog losing a great deal of blood. Staff was extremely skilled and diagnosed and stopped the bleeding quickly. The students did a wonderful job for our pet and were very attuned to myself and my daughter during a difficult time. We are glad to take him home and on the road to recovery. Thank you."
-- Debra Gibson, Ponca City, OK (Canine)

"We are so thankful we came here to OSU. We could not have placed our dog Boots with more talented, passionate, loving and dedicated people. We will be forever grateful."
-- Barrie and Jeremy Lamberton, Tulsa, OK (Canine)

"When we brought our seriously ill dog to OSU Vet Hospital and had to leave him for treatment, it was very scary to know how ill he was and that we would not be able to see him.

The staff greeted us with kindness, understanding, and a treatment plan. They continued to communicate with us regularly and it was very, very comforting. They were always very patient with me as I asked questions, too, and I appreciated that so much.

Now he's back home and is doing very well. Thank you for saving his life."
-- Carlene Zuech, Oklahoma City, OK (Canine)

"Coming here was a really great experience! I found out exactly what was wrong with my dog's eyes. Luckily, he does not have cataracts & I found out that he has symptoms of normal canine aging. Everybody was professional as well as very friendly! I feel so relieved. Thank you so very much!"
-- Jennifer Shreve, Fayetteville, AR (Canine)

"Dr. Brunker and associated students were absolutely FABULOUS. Without Dr. Brunker, Wyatt wouldn't have had a possibility of surviving!!! I couldn't have asked for a higher quality of or more caring treatment throughout."
-- Sharon R. Neumann, Edmond, OK (Canine)

"Both my husband and I have been very impressed with the kindness and attention our Lizzy received. All those that helped with her recovery and those that communicated with us made us feel comfortable with our ongoing questions and cercerns. We could not be happier with our experience. We especially want to thank the student assigned to Lizzy, Jenn Companiki and Drs. Seyfert, Thomason and Ricker. You all are the best!"
-- Don and Andi Weathers, Canadian, OK (Canine)

"The emergency and the season combined for additional stress and required prompt and accurate care by the staff. They offered excellent, professional and prompt care and service with the health and condition of our dog their first priority. Please thank all who assisted with Tigger, and a special thank you to the hospital director, without whom the surgery would have been impossible. THANK YOU!! You are remembered with warmth... and love."
-- Jim Stewart, Tulsa, OK (Canine)

"Your genuine concern and compassion are appreciated. You do marvels in alleviating our worries as pet owners, and your patience and attentiveness to both people and animals are invaluable. Thank you for your devotion to all creatures, great and small!"
-- John & Chris Bell, Stillwater, OK (Canine)

"Scott was so sweet and gentle with my dog, soothing her with "you're okay's" as he did his examination much as I speak to her. It was nice to come to a vet with my dog in pain, and have her actually like the guy who's poking her sore spots."
-- Morgan Shelley, Stillwater, OK (Canine)

"We so appreciate the doctors taking as much time as we needed to discuss our questions and concerns. They calmly and patiently put up with us! We felt like their only patient for the day!"
-- Chuck & Suzie Greenwood, Ponca City, OK (Canine)

"Excellent caring, friendly staff. Wonderful care of our puppies."
-- Kathy Williams, Keota, OK (Canine)

"Awesome experience. Dr. B saved our little dog!"
-- Linda Howeth, Moore, OK (Canine)

"Just so pleased that your services are available."
-- Daun L. Flynn, LB and Buddy, Fayetteville, AR (Canine)

Small Animal Surgery

"Couldn't be more happy with Dr. Cichocki and Chantel our vet student !!! Our youngest American Stafford terrier is two and had to have a TPLO about 2 weeks ago. Throughout the entire process OSU has work super hard to make us feel comfortable and for this dog mom that was not an easy task. We were kept up to date multiple times a day when he was there and when he didn't agree with their kennels they even made special arrangements to reduce the stress to our pup. We are looking forward to his continued recovery and working with OSU to get our boy healthy again! Thank you all for everything!" 
-- Richelle Fisher (Canine)

"Was the best visit to any vet clinic my wife and I have ever been to."

-- AnonymousTulsa, OK (Canine)

"I can only express my admiration and respect for the entire staff, Jill Murray, Candace, Dr. Ketz, Dr. Rochat, and the entire administrative staff for an absolutely incredible attempt to not only save my pet rabbit's broken leg, but in taking every available method possible to fix it. The level of communication is to be praised, with daily updates, and explanations regarding the procedures, as well as the phone calls needed for the rabbit after he is taken home, and continuous checks on how I am progressing at home with his care.

I have Oklahoma State University, the College of Veterinary Medicine, and all the wonderful individuals who work there, to thank for such considerate care and concern, over a small animal, who is like family to our house."
-- Charles Steiger Jr., OKC, OK (Rabbit)

"The clinic was clean-the employees were so great-the student and doctor were absolutely wonderful. They explained all the options and the cost. It was good to know I was leaving my animal in the hands of such professional people. My worries about Payton were minimal because I knew he was in good hands."

-- Kay Davis, Cashion, OK (Canine)

Scarlet loves you guys - thank you for giving her extra mobility, extra life and a brighter future!!!  The physical therapy really works and we are all appreciative at what you have to offer.  Woof!

We are very amazed and grateful for this hospital and especially for all the staff.  We are extremely pleased with the care and compassion each and every Doctor and Student has given us.  Its is so wonderful and reassuring when we are in such an emotional state.  Thank you for all you do, all you are and for being there for us.

-- Connie Greene and Brenda Phillips, Norman, OK (Canine)

I felt that my bet was very well cared for, and that the doctors were very helpful
-- Justin Aidan Mitchell, Rogers, AR (Canine)

We were very happy with the professional treatment our pet received. We were genuinely pleased in every aspect of his treatment. We were especially pleased with the students Britany and Tyler.
-- Anonymous, Amarillo, TX (Canine)

Michelle was a great help, compassionate, and professional Dr. Moore was a wonderful, compassionate, professional Dr. Rochet was a great help too and supportive
-- Lois V. McNeely, Wichita Falls, TX

"My preferred clinic by far."
-- Mitzi Craig, Mansfield, AR (Canine)

"I think everyone is awesome. I have told all my friends and even people who are not my friends if they need quality pet care your facility cannot be beat."
-- Gayle Little, Shawnee, OK (Feline)

"Deb Flynn - catfish hunter - cairn terrier - removal of fish hook - amazing! Thanks to the team and all your help and compassion!"
-- Deb Flynn, Tulsa, OK (Canine)

"Without this practice here my dog Rufus would not be coming home with me. I wish that human hospitals treated their patients as well as Rufus has been treated here."
-- Dianna Northern, Springdale, AR (Canine)

"We would highly recommend this clinic!!!!!!!!!"
-- Carson Dickerson, Ozark, AR (Canine)

"The staff and our student adviser were extremely helpful and professional. We are very excited about the surgery and its results. Bear was a very sick dog when he arrived. Your team saved his life."
-- Ted D. Campbell II, Tulsa, OK (Canine)

"Dr. Newcomb provided superior care, and I felt so at ease with his continued communication with me. His explanations in simple terms truly helped me to understand the process. I was equally impressed with Ms. Leanne Njaa whose warmth was truly welcoming in my time of need."
-- Anonymous (Canine)

"Very informative, helpful and caring. I'm confident my sweet dog, Zoey, is in good hands!"
-- Mendi Paige Griffin, Tulsa, OK (Canine)

"Everything was great. Our attending VET STUDENT was Starla Eggleston. She provided the most complete exam that we have ever seen performed on our animals. To top that she was very, very courteous, thorough and PROFESSIONAL."
-- Curt Wilkey, Perkins, OK (Canine)

"Quality of care and caring far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much."
-- Karista Hudelson, Stillwater, OK (Canine)

"Everybody was extremely nice and caring, they showed lots of love to our animal."
-- Cindy Doan, Owasso, OK (Canine)

"As a grad of OSU, I wouldn't take her anywhere else but the OSU VET CENTER"
-- Terry Jessup, Cleveland, OK

"I thought this clinic was awesome. For such a tramatic event, I could not have been treated better. The care my dog, Schatci, received was undescribable because it was so great. I will definately recommend this practice to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much!!!!!"
-- Verna Wilson, Collinsville, OK (Canine)

"We have been very pleased with the care we have received here."
-- Sharon Short, Oxford, KS (Canine)

"This is the second TPLO surgery that we have had with our large breed dogs. One at 80lbs and one at 150lbs. Both were a great success and our mastiff has enjoyed a full life for 5 years post surgery. We have traveled over 500 miles to have surgery at OSU because we beleive there is no better care available. The staff and students are the most professional, courteous, and caring that we have ever experienced. Thank you very much for the care you have given our pets."
-- Jay Gilliland & Becky Burkholder (Canine)

"I felt the care given to my dog was professional and very caring. The student assigned to our case (Ty) kept us informed and up to date with all activities as they occured with our pet. He took excellent care of our pet, and was very caring. Dr. Rochat was wonderful! He lived up to all of the wonderful things I had heard about him from all of my dog friends. As a Registered Nurse, I can say the caliber of care I feel Amber recived matched any that I have seen given to humans. Thank you for all that you have done for our family and for my beloved little dog."
-- Sonia Carroll, Bartlesville, OK (Canine)

"Drs. Kelton and Rochat were wonderful! I could not have asked for nicer people to help my dog. They were genuinely concerned and most of all compassionate. I would and will highly recommend to my friends and co-workers to come and bring their pets here. It was a pleasure dealing with professional, compassionate Doctors."
-- Natalie LaGere, Chandler, OK (Canine)

"Great experience all around. Alana and Dr. Newcomb were very caring and did a great job. The total cost seemed very reasonable and came in less than the estimate. Thanks to all who helped take care of Meatball."
-- Jerry Franklin, Stillwater, OK (Canine)

Small Animal Reproductive Services

"I cannot say enough nice things about the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital. This is the 2nd time we have used them for reproductive services and this will be our 2nd litter. They are kind and respectful and always treat us and our dogs so very well. Candace Lyman always goes above and beyond for us and she is always there to answer any questions we have. The ophthalmology department deserves a kudos as well. They did a wonderful job with my boy. Everyone is so kind to him and for such a big dog he is such a BIG BABY and he is always so scared when he goes to a vet. They take their time with him and do everything they can to make him comfortable. Thank you so much for all you have done for us. We appreciate everyone there so very much."
-- Vicki Tidball

Community Practice / Wellness Medicine

"Awesome people that take an exceptional care of people's pets. Highly recommend and I drive 175 miles to see them."
-- Robert Pike (Canine)

"This place is amazing! All of the staff is courteous, professional and very educated in their positions. I didn't realize that you can bring all of your pets here on a regular basis."
-- Cheryl Carpenter Martin, Stillwater, OK (Feline)

"Thank you Dr. Sypniewski and Lexi. Thanks for making sure Rothko is taken care of and is in good hands!"
-- Rob Breisch, Stillwater, OK (Feline)

"Thanks for all the help in getting our cat, Pepper, to South Korea!"
-- Chad Swanson & Charlet Ringwald, Enid, OK and Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Feline)

"I loved and appreciated all of the kind and educated information."
-- Christina Bergschneider, Oklahoma City, OK (Feline)

"Great training ideas provided! Thank - you!"
-- Janet MacDonna, Stillwater, OK (Canine)

"we are loyal clients here picking up food and meds but we love this facility and the care our pets have received has been excellent."
-- Debbie Lindley, Stillwater, OK (Canine)

"Outstanding facility. Great staff. Will recommend to everyone."
-- Joe Wilson, Stillwater, OK (Canine)

"Good job!"
-- Janet Macdonna, Stillwater, OK (Feline)


"We had excellent care with Dr. Gilmore & staff. I would definitely refer clients to Dr. Gilmore We were treated with upmost care and respect."
-- Gail Campbell, Tulsa, OK (Canine)


"I have been coming here for 2.5 years. Awesome people."
-- Lee Burk, Tulsa, OK (Canine)

"Dr. Banse was our Doctor.  She was very professional in her care and her response was very explainable.  The students were very personable.  I would recommend any one to bring their animals up here for medical attention."

-- Shelia Marie Walton, Sallisaw, OK (Equine)


"Super Doctor Gilmour and wonderful student Chris. We used to go to the University of Illinois Vet Student teaching hospital and we are equally as happy and impressed with our treatment here!!! Great students always too."
-- Amy Hepler, Edmond, OK (Canine)

"Wonderful care and attention. Thank you."
-- Etta Foster, Aubrey, TX (Equine)

"The service and staff have been great, they have made a total difference in my pets life. Carrie and Dr Gillmore are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!"
-- Barbara Phillippe, Wagoner, OK (Canine)

"Margi Gilmour is wonderful :) both our dogs just love her as do we."
-- Lupe & Paul Latimer - chow4now, Tulsa, OK (Canine)


"We absolutely LOVE this hospital and all of the care given to our dog, Macy! Macy has a heart condition and we couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Baumwart, Brandy Hutchings, and the students at this facility. It's worth the 5 hour round trip drive to receive this level of care. Amazing place!"
-- Cindy Parker (Canine)

"Was a wonderful experience and would highly recommend."
-- Mark Neer (Canine)


"I live 4.5 hours away from Stillwater one way. I could have saved time by taking the 3 hour trip to Dallas or Little Rock, but I was told that OSU was the best. I had to travel to Stillwater 3 times in 7 days. Although I spent several hours on the road, I do not regret my decision to bring my dog to OSU. The care my miniature schnauzer received from Dr. Ryan Baumwart was outstanding. He was able to perform a necessary procedure on my dog with short notice. The procedure went extremely well and I attribute that to Dr. Baumwart’s expert medical experience. My dog was also assigned two students. I could not have asked for better communication, especially when I had to leave my dog and return home. I had a great experience and I am thankful for the great people who cared for my dog."
-- Tyler Brannon, Idabel, OK (Canine)

"Fabulous, as usual. Wonderful doctors, students, and incredibly helpful front desk staff."
-- Sharon Neumann, Edmond, OK (Canine)

"I think your facility is wonderful and Dr. Culwell took amazing care of my Polly dog."
-- Lauren Riepl, Edmond, OK (Canine)

"My expectations were exceeded with Dr. Culwell & Natalie. Excellent communication, professionalism, and clear mastery of cardiology. Thank you!"
-- C. Allen, Broken Arrow, OK (Canine)

"We cannot express how much we have fallen in love with everyone here. Dr. Ponzio and her staff have gone above and beyond in helping our dog Jake achieve his wellness. We have told everyone about OSU VTH and the remarkable work done here. Thanks for everything."
-- Anonymous, Morrilton, AR (Canine)

-- Bruce Hawkins, Morrilton, AR (Canine)

Equine Surgery

"Dr. Moser andDr. Burba and their team were wonderful and very caring!!!"
-- John and Cherris Owens, Minco, Oklahoma (Equine)

"Mare and colt received excellent care and I am truly pleased with OSU and its staff."
-- Angela Dodson, Pryor, OK (Equine)

"Thank you. Thank you. I am glad OSU hospital is here."
-- Alan Mitchel / Susan Jackson, Ochelata, OK (Equine)


"Dr. Hart was very helpful, knowledgeable & professional. The student crew was also great!"
-- Ken Mills, Burden, KS (Equine)

"Thank you so much for all of your help. I have been here two times and both times it has been a excellent visit. The whole staff is great!"
-- Eric and Jesse DeWeese, Duncan, OK (Equine)

"The students and Drs. were very informative and willing to explain their very thorough investigation of our horse's lameness. They were all a pleasure to be with and work with. They found a cure for our horse and we learned a Bunch! Thanks to all."
-- Alan Mitchell and Susan Jackson and their horse Cruzr' (Equine)

"You all were so GREAT with Twig he never stessed or got uptight & was completely comfortable his whole stay. Thank You so much for everything!!!"
-- Annie Forrest, Harrah, OK (Equine)

"Your facility and Dr's are the very best! We are a very small show family and breeding facility (5 broodmares and 1 stallion) but are all own daughters of million dollar sires. We are very proud to be a part of the O.S.U. family. We have spent a great deal at this hospital and you have all our business.... but a suggestion would be to offer a orange O.S.U. polo shirt for each $1,000 spent at the hospital!! LOL Thanks, again as always... GREAT JOB!!"
-- J.W. & Tina Anthony, Bethel Acres, OK (Equine)

"Everyone was really helpful and professional. I was very impressed with everyone we came in contact with."
-- Scott Foster, Claremore, OK (Equine)

"We are very happy with the service provided by your hospital. We brought in a horse with a leg fracture and everyone 'babied' him as much as we do. They even used our massager on him for us. We have brought him back for two check-ups since then and everyone remembers our horse and is very sweet to him. They answer all of our questions in an easy to understand manner. We are very happy with the treatment for Pepto.....and I can ride him again!!Yay!!!!"
-- Jasmine Richards & Nancy Snyder, Plato, MO (Equine)

"Exceptional service."
-- Donna Wright, Bartlesville, OK (Equine)

"Student Mary Swartz and Dr. Moorman did a great job caring for John. They treated him as their own."
-- Mika Burke, Nardin, OK (Equine)

Equine Medicine

"Dr. Moser and Dr. Burba and staff were very caring and helpful in helping decide a future for our navicular horse. They took all the time we needed to answer questions and give their professional opinions on the care and treatment of our horse. They also took the time to answer questions about another horse not brought to the clinic and recommended some options that we will be bringing her back for. I am very satisfied with the care provided and will be back and recommend anyone needing professional and courteous care to bring their animals here."
-- Tara Lewis, Prague, Oklahoma (Equine Medicine)

"Very courteous and thanks for the coffee. We knew about this place cause we are old fogies that grew up in Oklahoma. Everything was top notch. Jennifer (receptionist) was ESPECIALLY helpful in getting my lame horse in on an ophthalmology day. We had to bring in another horse to have his eye examined and wanted to bring this horse along for a lameness exam and she managed to make it work out. Awesome."
-- Paula Walker, Inola, Oklahoma (Equine Medicine and Ophthalmology)


"There is nothing I see that you could improve on, however I know your facility is always improving. Of course that's why we always call here. Thanks Darryl (William)"
-- William and Gloria Bullock, Perry, Oklahoma (Equine Medicine)

"I love this place"
-- Eric Grove, Newkirk, Oklahoma (Equine Medicine)

Excellent care as always! Thank you to all who participated.
-- Frank Lupton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Equine)

All the staff and vets here were so kind, and extremely helpful. I took my horse to six other vets that said I had nothing to worry about and I still felt like something was wrong. When I came here they were quick to find the problem and help me in finding a solution for him. I will refer all my friends, family, and everyone else I know. OSU will forever have my business.
-- Kaitlin Oberste, Harrison, Arkansas (Equine)

"Without question, this was the very best experience I have had with a Veterinary staff in the 35 years I've been involved with livestock. Great Job!"
-- Kenny Brdecko, Wheeler, TX (Equine)

"My experience at OSU large animal clinic was wonderful!  I called another Veterinary School about a month ago and left a message.  I never heard from them.  I called OSU at 8:15am on Wednesday and received a call from Dr. Holbrook within the hour.  My horse was then seen on Friday morning. All the students and staff were so nice and answered my abundant questions thoroughly.  I loved the experience of being involved in the evaluation and diagnosis of my horse and listening to the thought process of the students. The staff was great about keeping my financial limitations in mind during the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of my horse. Thank you, Dr. Holbrook and OSU Large Animal Clinic.  Good luck to you all! Excellent service."
-- Todd Palmer, Sperry, OK/Midland, TX (Equine)

"Thank you for your considerate manner and thorough efforts in caring for my mare."
-- Laura Bufford, Crescent, OK (Equine)

"Very professional and courteous, thanks guys!"
-- Judy Brown, Brinkley, AR (Equine)

"Staff, students, and vets were very proficient, friendly, and thourough."
-- Christy Kurck, Rose Bud, AR (Equine)

"Excellent care by Dr. Choquette and all the staff. We were very pleased. Your facility is top of the line and the care is fantastic. Thank you."
-- Jennifer Gossett, Chelsea, OK (Equine)

"I like to bring my horses here because there are several students along with the vet so there are lots of people to look at everything. I have had horses here for routine care and emergency care from colic to strychnine poisoning. I have attended the Horse Owners Symposium also and learned a lot. I reccommend OSU to everyone I know."
-- Angie Bailey, Oklahoma City, OK (Equine)

"The care was so great the students and Dr Devine and his staff were great. Jennifer (the tech) was so good and kind I just can not say in words of how the care was starting at the front desk. I will drive 7 hours any day to bring my horses here for any major illness. My Horse was Thunder and he had a Fx pastern bone and he is doing very well. His rehab is slow but I got my very good friend. Thank You again"
-- Elaine Dean, Nashville, AR (Equine)

"This is our preferred equine vet/diagnostic facility. Each time we have been here the equine we brought was quickly and effectively diagnosed, treated and or recommendations were shared. Thanks for your great service."
-- Leah Arledge, Cedar Vale, KS (Equine)

"Everyone is very professional and courteous and knowledgeable."
-- Jimmy Jordan, Sand Springs, OK (Equine)

"The experience was great."
-- Linda Janzen, Okeene, OK (Equine)

"we appreciate the service we have received and always reccommend the OSU clinic as the best place to have an animal treated. I am very pleased the with quality of the students and doctors at our university clinic."
-- Kent and Sandy Newby, Kingfisher, OK (Equine)

"They are well setup and very friendly to people."
-- Katie Stookey, Orlando, OK (Equine)

"I feel so grateful that we are actually going to take our horse home after such an acute illness. Everyone I spoke with could not have been nicer or more concerned. Thank you so much for such a caring staff and nice facility. It is a nine hour drive each way--but worth every mile."
-- Sidney Nisbet, Melbourne, AR (Equine)

"Everyone was friendly and explained all the precedures as they were being done."
-- Judy Newby, Choctaw, OK (Equine)

"This is an amazing place and we are blessed to have it when in need."
-- Lynn Lucas, Diamond, MO (Equine)

"This experience was absolutely wonderful, considering the circumstances. Everyone was extremely compassionate, considerate and professional. I was impressed with Dr. Heath Qualls last night, and the entire staff including the admission desk when i walked in and couldn't speak through the tears. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!"
-- Mary Procter Garber, OK (Equine)

"Service here has always been great, thanks."
-- Jack Hicks, Perry, OK (Equine)

Large Animal Medicine

"I am here today as a support for my friend whose horse is having colic surgery. I am always impressed with the staff and quality of services. I have been here many times with my own horses, and have had a good experience each time. I wanted to recognize one staff member in particular and that is your technician Judy Branson. Technicians don't always receive the recognition they deserve and Judy has always been very professional, and is constantly flying around amazing me at how she does all the work she does. I appreciate her dedication and skill she offers. Thank you!"
-- Stacey Morrison, Bentonville, AR (Equine)

"We are very pleased with the care that our lamb received and feel that the staff cared about our animal and our family. If your facility was closer to Edmond I would use it as my regular vet. Thanks"
-- John Howard, Edmond, OK (Bovine)

"I honestly don't see anything that needs improvement! Dr. Simpson is fantastic, and the students were great with my goat. When we came back for bandage removal everyone knew her by name! They were easy and gentle while examining her."
-- Debra Corr, Perry, OK (Caprine)

"We were very pleased with all the personnel and treatments. We appreciate having such a great facility here in Oklahoma."
-- Donna Martens, Checotah, OK (Caprine)

"I am so lucky to have this place close. Great people great care."
-- Karon Storm, Choctaw, OK (Other)

"ExceLlent personnel and facility. I was provided up to date info each day that my calf was hospitalized. My thanks to all."
-- Gloria Stearns, Anadarko, OK (Bovine)

"Wonderful service given by caring professionals."
-- Edward and Susan Downs, Yale, OK (Alpaca)

"Dr. Simpson was awesome with my llama, Sweet Dreams. Spoke to me in terms I understood, was really good with my animal."
-- Patty Cohenour, Newcastle, OK (Llama)

AEZ Service

"Very helpful and have taken very good care of my animals."
-- Michele Walenciak, Ponca City, OK (Other small animal)

Food Animal Clinic 

"I feel that the staff here is genuinely interested in helping our livestock resolve their personal issues. The staff is very thorough when looking at our beef cattle and even though there are many different doctors and students that look, they all are very knowledgeable and concerned with the issue at hand. They work efficiently and as a team to solve the issue at hand." 
-- Maranda Nicklaus, Perry, OK (Bovine)

Everyone who assisted Dr. Streeter was both compassionate and knowledgeable. Dr. Streeter is amazing. The office staff is also friendly and very helpful. In short, this experience with Patricia was a God send. We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to everyone involved."
-- Morris and Carlet Thompson, Tecumseh, OK (Bovine)

"Without question, this was the very best experience I have had with a Veterinary staff in the 35 years I've been involved with livestock. Great Job!"
-- Kenny Brdecko, Wheeler, TX (Bovine)

"I appreciate the professionalism and the quality of care that was provided for my alpaca. I felt that he was in the best hands possible."
-- Chantae Simpson, Kiowa, KS (Alpaca)

"I've been to several Veterinary School Hospitals, your service by far is the BEST!!!!!! I drove over 1000 miles to bring Wiglet to your care. all very professional."
-- Leslie Maynard, AZ (Pot bellied pig, small ruminant)

"very helpful!! very nice and courteous. GO POKES!!"
-- Trent Peper, Adair, OK (Bovine)

"I've been coming here for twelve years and I've never had any problems with the doctors, students, or services"
-- Katie Grace Mason, Seminole, Oklahoma (Bovine)

"Thank you all very much!!!"
-- Abigail Hobbs Seminole, Oklahoma (Other large animal)

"Staff was prompt and great to with my cattle."
-- Sandy Blankinship, Orlando,OK (Bovine)