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Oklahoma State University
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

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Theriogenology/Reproduction | Services Available

Theriogenology/reproduction services are available at the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital and through services provided at the OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences Ranch. For further information on any of the below services, call the Veterinary Medical Hospital at 405-744-7000, ext. 1.

Breeding Soundness
Evaluation - Mare and Stallion
Semen Collection and Evaluation
Semen Shipping
Semen Freezing
Pregnancy Diagnosis
Fetal Sexing
Management of Foaling Mares
Embryo Transfer
Oocyte Collection and Shipment
Training of Novice Stallions for Semen Collection
Epididymal Sperm Collection

Breeding Soundness Evaluation
Tritrichomoniasis Testing
Calving Assistance
Pregnancy Diagnosis
Fetal Sexing
Bull infertility – work up
Bull surgeries – Penile hematoma, Prepuce reefing, prepuce amputation, teaser bull surgery, unilateral castration
Bull prepuce management

Goat and Sheep
Breeding Soundness Evaluation in Rams and bucks
Birthing Assistance
Pregnancy Diagnosis
Infertility work up
Reproductive Management         

Pregnancy diagnosis
Breeding Soundness Evaluation in Boars - EE
DystociaSurgery’s - vasectomy, preputial diverticulotomy, crytorchid

Infertility work up in female
Pregnancy diagnosis