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Coping with the Unexpected

Monday, May 22 2017

jose oyola morales

Born in San Borja, Peru, Jose Oyola Morales discovered his love for animals on his grandparents’ farm. He later lived in Delaware and chose Oklahoma State University as the place where he would earn his DVM degree—or would he?

It was in the spring of 2015 as Oyola Morales was finishing his second year of veterinary college that the headaches began. One of the headaches was so severe it caused him to vomit for several hours.

OSU Veterinarians Bring Mom and Baby Together

Tuesday, April 11 2017

white horse and a brown foal

When a first-time mother foaled early and wouldn’t let the baby nurse, former OSU Big 12 defensive back Trent Alexander knew exactly where to turn—his alma mater. Alexander of Maramec, Okla., rushed the mare and her foal to Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary Medical Hospital for treatment.

LTC Duffy on Zika Virus

Monday, November 7 2016

man in military uniforms in front of flags

Lieutenant Colonel Mark R. Duffy, DVM, MPH, DACVPM, of Cibolo, Texas, earned his DVM degree from OSU in 1994. He recently returned to Oklahoma State University’s Stillwater campus to accept a 2016 Distinguished Alumnus Award from OSU’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. While he was in Stillwater, he sat down with Maggie Jackson with the State Department of Health to talk about his involvement in identifying and studying the first known Zika virus outbreak, which occurred on Yap Island in Micronesia.

Making Heart History

Friday, February 26 2016


Romano, a 6 month old kitten owned by Linda Wheeler of Tulsa Okla., has a hole in his heart. Drs. Ryan Baumwart, veterinary cardiologist, and Danielle Dugat, small animal surgeon, of OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital collaborated on the never-been-done-before-in-Oklahoma heart procedure to correct the heart defect.

Saving Lola

Monday, January 25 2016

Dugat, Baumwart and pet owner with dog

“I’ve waited about 20 years to get a puppy and my husband surprised me with her,” said Lori Waugh of Lawton, Okla., as she cuddled Lola, her Bichon puppy. “She was a gift from him. We found out three weeks after we had her and were very attached to her, that she was sick.”

The puppy was suffering from a congenital heart defect called patent ductus arteriosus that had resulted in congestive heart failure.   

Dialysis Saves Puppy

Thursday, August 13 2015

A Second Chance for Abby: Dialysis Saves Puppy

Abby is an English Golden Retriever puppy. She came to live with her owners—the Ashcrafts of Edmond, Oklahoma—about 10 days before she became deathly ill.

Cat Has Brain Surgery

Thursday, July 9 2015

Mikey – Bully or Lover?

Mikey (pictured above) lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his owners, Stacy and Drew Shouse, and two other cats—Sheridan and Odin. By Stacy’s admission, Mikey is a bully. The soft, fluffy 11 year old cat would purr and lure people in close to him before turning and slapping his would-be admirers in the face. According to Stacy, Mikey even sent both his ‘siblings’ to the veterinarian on separate occasions. But in March 2015, that all changed.

Underwater Therapy for Evie

Wednesday, June 24 2015

There is a First for Everything: Calf Undergoes Groundbreaking Treatment

It’s New Year’s Eve. Many people plan special celebrations and often party into the wee hours of the morning. At OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital, the order of the night is treating emergency patients like a newborn Brahman heifer calf.

Going Home: Great Horned Owl Released

Friday, June 19 2015

Going Home – Great Horned Owl Released

Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences invited the public to witness a young owl being released back into the wild on Wednesday, June 10. The great horned owl nestling was found earlier this spring on the ground next to OSU’s Student Union.

Barred Owl is Back Home in the Wild

Monday, May 11 2015

Treating Wildlife at OSU

OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital recently treated a barred owl that was brought in by the Stillwater Animal Control.

“A member of the public reported seeing an owl next to a road and the Stillwater Animal Control transported the bird to the OSU Vet School,” explains Dr. Joao Brandao, assistant professor of zoological medicine. “While we will never know what happened, the lesions she had when she came in did appear like it could have been trauma caused by a car.”