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Oklahoma State University
Center For Veterinary Health Sciences

Healthy Animals - Healthy People

DVM Curriculum

Year 1, Fall Semester

Course Number Course Title Credits
VMED 7114 Veterinary Physiology I 4
VMED 7113 Veterinary Physiology II 3
VMED 7123 Histology
VMED 7144 Gross and Developmental Anatomy
VMED 7152 Zootechnology 2
VMED 7162 Orientation to the Veterinary Medical Profession 2
    Total: 18

Year 1, Spring Semester

Course Number Course Title Credits
VMED 7221 Evidence Based Medicine and Epidemiology 1
VMED 7223 Parasitology I
VMED 7235 Veterinary Physiology III
VMED 7243 Comparative Anatomy
VMED 7253 Veterinary Immunology
VMED 7264 General Pathology 4
    Total: 19

Year 2, Fall Semester

Course Number Course Title Credits
VMED 7311 Introduction to Clinics I 1
VMED 7323 Parasitology II
VMED 7333 Pharmacology I
VMED 7342 Clinical Anatomy
VMED 7354 Infectious Diseases I
VMED 7363 Clinical Pathology 3
  Electives (3 hours required) 3
    Total: 19

Year 2, Spring Semester

Course Number Course Title Credits
VMED 7412 Anesthesiology 2
VMED 7413 Food Safety & Public Health
VMED 7432 Pharmacology II
VMED 7443 Diagnostic Imaging
VMED 7454 Infectious Diseases II
VMED 7482 Hemolymphatic/Oncology System* 2
  Electives (3 hours required) 3
    Total: 19

Year 3, Fall Semester

Course Number Course Title Credits
VMED 7502 Ophthalmology  2
VMED 7533 Toxicology
VMED 7563 Musculoskeletal System*
VMED 7583 Dermatology and Endocrinology*
VMED 7674  Theriogenology* 
VMED 7592 Junior Surgery I 2
  Electives (4 hours required) 4
    Total: 21

Year 3, Spring Semester

Course Number Course Title Credits
VMED 7601 Junior Surgery II 1
VMED 7564 Alimentary System*
VMED 7612 Clinical Neurology*
VMED 7614 Cardiopulmonary System* 4
VMED 7652 Introduction to Clinics II
VMED 7662 Urinary System* 2
VMED 7781 Professional Veterinary Medicine 1
  Electives (3 hours required) 3
    Total: 19

Year 2 and 3 Electives (Varies from year-to-year)

Advanced Equine Medicine
Advanced Oncology
Advanced Small Animal Medicine
Advanced Small Animal Surgery
Avian Biology
Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine
Beef Production
Behavioral Medicine
Case Studies in Small Animal Neurology
Clinical Endocrinology

Diagnostic Ultrasound
Drug Metabolism
Equine Diagnostic Imaging
Exercise Physiology
Food Animal Production
Food Animal Surgery
Food Animal Techniques
Integrative & Holistic Medicine
International Veterinary Medicine
Intro to Shelter Medicine
Laboratory Animal Medicine

Practice Management
Small Animal Medical Diagnosis
Small Animal Nutrition
Small Ruminants
Veterinary Business Models
Veterinary Emergency Response &
Disaster Management
Veterinary Study Abroad
Zoonotic Diseases

Year 4, Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters

Core Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
VCS 7813 Preceptorship Clinic 6
VCS 7703  Intensive Care 3
VCS 7713 Radiology Clinic 3
VCS 7723 Equine Medicine Clinic 3
VCS 7843 Anesthesiology Clinic 3
VCS 7733 Community Practice 3
VCS 7743 Small Animal Internal Medicine Clinic 3
VCS 7753 Small Animal Surgery Clinic 3
VCS 7763 Food Animal Medicine Clinic 3
VCS 7793 Equine Surgery Clinic 3
VCS 7912 Clinic Conference (fall and spring) 2
VMED 7933 Diagnostics 3
VMED 7941 Clinical Skills Outcome/Assessment 1


Course Number Course Title Credits
 VCS 7003 Elective I  6
 VCS 7013 Elective II
 VCS 7023 Elective III
 VCS 7033 Elective IV
 VCS 7710 Non-OSU Clinics 1-6 
 VCS 7720 Special Clinics

Year 4 Electives Available (Varies from year-to-year)

Animal Shelter
Applied Diagnostic Medicine
Clinical Pathology/Parasitology
Equine Medicine
Equine Theriogenology

Field Services
Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife

DVM Program -  165 credit hours

50 credit hours required in 4th year

13 credit hours of electives required during 2nd & 3rd years

*Systems-based core clinical sciences (pathology, medicine, and surgery) covering all major species. Each module will deal with a single or limited number of related systems. Each has a lecture-laboratory format.

For course descriptions, please visit the Office of the Registrar.

To view and print a PDF version, view the DVM Curriculum PDF.