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Ophthalmology | Clinical Studies

The Ophthalmology service currently has two active clinical studies. These are studies involving client-owned animals that fit into the study criteria. There is no risk to the patients and the information provided by the study results could benefit current and/or future patients. A brief description of each study is below.

If you have any questions about a study, or believe your pet could be enrolled, please contact us:

Prevalence of ocular lesions in cats diagnosed with histoplasmosis

This study is a collaboration between the Ophthalmology service and the Internal Medicine service. The study investigates the frequency of ocular involvement in cats that are diagnosed by the Internal Medicine service with histoplasmosis, a systemic fungal infection common in Oklahoma.

  • Who is eligible to enroll: any cat with confirmed (by diagnostic laboratory testing) histoplasmosis infection
  • Financial considerations: there are no additional fees for the owner; the ophthalmology examinations are performed at no charge to the owner