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Updating Your Directory Information

How to Update Your O-Key and Directory Profile Information

The New Directory System

The directory module and system implemented in the new CVHS website makes it easier than ever to update your public-facing directory information, including your name and work contact information. It also allows you to upload information about your expertise, biography and a link to your vita. You may also upload a headshot as well.

The new CVHS directory sources its information from O-Key, which is where Oklahoma State University’s official public directory already gets its current information. The new system in place on CVHS’s website as well as a unified campus-wide system makes it much easier to maintain the correct information in all of the university’s directories as well as the OSU Expertise Listings ( This system manually updates twice every week to ensure your directory profile is up-to-date.

If you wish to change your O-Key contact information and/or your expertise information, please follow the steps below. Remember to remove any personal information you do not wish to remain viewable by the public.

Step One

Navigate to Oklahoma State University’s main website at One the top menu bar, move your cursor over “Faculty / Staff” and then down to “Online Support” where you will find the “Orange Key (O-Key)” link. Click it.

main osu website menu screenshot

Step Two

Please enter your OSU login information when prompted on the O-Key login page.

Step Three

Once logged in, you will see the “Personal Profile” page. This page lists important information related to your employment at OSU, including your campus-wide ID (CWID), O-Key Account Username, and other vital information.

On the left menu, you will find many links to make changes to your O-Key account. You may setup and change any of these settings. For updating the directory, the main two areas have been highlighted – “Edit Contact Information” and “Expertise Information”.

o-key account screenshot

Step Four

Navigate to “Edit Contact Information” first. Here you may update your work-related contact information. Please do not include your personal address; however, you may include your personal phone number if you wish.

o-key account screenshot 2

Step Five

On the left menu bar, navigate to “Expertise Information”.

Here you may enter your expertise information, vita URL, and biographical information. You should also upload a professional photo headshot to complete your directory profile.

If you are unable to get your photo to upload correctly due to size restrictions, please send me your request and attach the photo to the website content submission form. I will resize the photo to fit the size constraints and email it back to you to upload.

Click “Upload Expertise” and your new information will be uploaded.

okey account screenshot 3

Final Product

Once you have uploaded and updated all your information (and the directory system updates, which could be as short as 24 hours and as long as a week), your new CVHS directory profile will reflect the changes.



If you have any additional questions about updating your directory profile information, please email Kaylie Wehr at