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Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

Healthy Animals - Healthy People

Tell Us Your Veterinary Story

Do you have or know someone with a great story to tell about us? We'd love to hear it and share* it with the entire CVHS community of students, alumni, and fans! 

If so, please fill out the form below:

* Subject to official review and consideration by the CVHS.

OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences reserves the right to review, change, correct, and edit story submissions in any way necessary prior to publishing. Story submissions may also be rejected for any reason without explanation. Generally, accepted stories will be authentic, have a positive overall message and/or ending regarding the CVHS and its entities, and not be agenda-driven.
Published Content Notice
If you select "Yes," you agree that this story, files and photos of and about the people and animals can and will be used for any and all publicity and marketing purposes by the OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, including on the CVHS website, social media accounts, and OState TV, without compensation. Please note that if you select "No" to the option below, your story will not be reviewed or considered.
Please include the area code and follow the proper formatting.
Please write the story out in its entirety, making sure to include names, dates, and specifics, if applicable.
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If you have already written the story or prefer to do it in Microsoft Word, please select the file below and upload it directly.
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