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Trich Pooling PCR Test

OADDL offers Tritrichomonas foetus pooled PCR. We offer pooling of up to five (5) InPouch™ TF samples.

This approach provides our clients an effective method of screening bulls at reduced costs.

Individual PCR charges are $25.

Pooled PCR charges are $25/pool + $5 for each pouch making up the pool.

For example:

  • a pool of 5 bulls would cost $25 + $5x5= $50 total (cost savings of >65 percent)
  • a pool of 2 bulls would cost $25 + $5x2= $35 total (cost savings of >40 percent) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cost savings is negated if test results in a positive pool. Each sample from a positive pool must be tested individually. In this instance, you would have the price of the original pool (i.e. $50 for a pool of 5) + the price of the individual tests ($25 x 5=$125). Therefore, a positive pool of 5 animals would cost $225 instead of $125 to test the samples individually. Use strategy when testing and understand the risks. Pooling is extremely cost effective for large volume, particularly young (virgin) bulls, older bulls from historically Trich-free herds (Trich free for 12 months), or bulls that have routinely tested negative. If in doubt, recommend individual testing. 

Additional information:

  • Use the Trichomoniasis PCR Submittal Form
  • Samples must be collected and submitted individually. All pooling will be done at OADDL.
  • Samples should be shipped at room temperature by overnight courier. Upon receipt at OADDL, samples will be incubated at 37°C for two overnights prior to testing. Samples may be preincubated at your facility at 37°C for two overnights, shipped overnight and tested upon receipt.
  • Please verify Trich pouches are not expired. Expired pouches cannot be tested.
  • When submitting large numbers of samples, please notify the lab prior to collection.
  • Pooled samples may not be accepted by some states, export countries or sale companies. Verify requirements prior to test submission.
  • Pooling will not be allowed from multiple owners, thus not accepted at livestock markets.