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Oklahoma State University
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

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Sai Tummala

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Director, Comparative Medicine

We are continuously running projects on anti-cancer agent assessments in gliomas (adult and pediatric models). We are validating the down-regulation of certain cancer genes following treatment with our anti-cancer agent, OKN-007, which is an investigational drug in a human clinical trial we are conducting in recurring gliomas. We also are investigating novel dual-action anti-cancer agents with Dr. Mike Ihnat at OUHSC, as well as an anti-angiogenic agent with Dr. Hong Chen, in our glioma models. We will also be doing a project assessing a bioinformatics-derived biomarker anti-body therapy in collaboration with Jonathan Wren. The biomarker we identified, ELTD1, is an angiogenic marker, and so we wanted to assess the antibody against this marker against Avastin and in combination with an antibody against the cell invasion marker, c-Met, in mouse gliomas.

Vascular Biology:
Atherosclerosis is a major cardiovascular complication in the world. We are studying inflammatory and metabolic pathways that can be targeted for therapeutics. Mouse models with high fat/high cholesterol diets and analysis of the arterial lesions for macrophage biology with in the atherosclerotic plaques is an ongoing research.

Role of Epsins in the breast cancer tumors is an ongoing project. Angiogenesis and evaluating potential targets that suppress angiogenesis for tumor suppression using mouse models is a current project. This research has been in the news lately.