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Oklahoma State University
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

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Oklahoma State University’s Boren Veterinary Medical Hospital is open to the public to serve your animal healthcare needs.  Whether it is your beloved family pet or the livestock you rely on for your family income, the veterinarians at OSU are available for routine and referral appointments.

OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital is open Monday through Friday for appointments between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. To make an appointment, call (405) 744-7000, select “1” for small animals and “2” for large animals.

If your pet or animal has a medical problem that requires a veterinary specialist (cardiologist, ophthalmologist, internist, etc.), please have your veterinarian call for a consultation or call for assistance making a referral appointment.


  • Call (405) 744-7000 BEFORE YOU COME!
  • Press 1 for Small Animal
  • Press 2 for Large Animal


We will frequently ask that patients be fasted (have no food) prior to their appointment.  This is for several reasons.  Many blood samples require fasting to prevent interference of elevated post-meal fat levels.  If sedation or anesthesia are required, fasting will reduce the risk factors involved with these procedures. 

Finally, some imaging diagnostics, such as ultrasound, can be impossible to perform if there is a large amount of food or gas in the stomach.  In some instances we prefer the patient not be fasted because it could affect medications, such as diabetics.  All patients should always have access to fresh water at all times.  We will never ask you to remove your pets’ water. 

If you are unsure about if your pet should be fasted prior to their appointment, please ask our customer care representatives for further assistance.