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Oklahoma State University
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

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Legislative Day 2017

Monday, May 15 2017

group of students at legislative day

Pictured above, first row (left to right): Stephen Dilday, Mallory Nailon, Samantha Anthony, Lyndsi Vaughan, Nadine O’Neil, Rep. Cory Williams, and Alexa Hunter; second row (left to right): Mariah Burris, Kristen Haak, Zachary Croslin, Christa Olbrey, Jesse Jenny, Elizabeth Shrode and Justin Scott; and third row (left to right): Lydia Cain, Nicholas Elroy, Lindsey Thomasson, Brayden Routh, Kellie Taylor, Dominique Jette, Joshua Morris and Ben McGehee.

Evie’s Calf

Monday, May 8 2017

mom and calf

Two years ago, veterinarians at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences treated Evie, a Brahman calf owned by Bill Martell of Jacktown, Okla. Evie underwent groundbreaking treatment to strengthen her flexor tendons using underwater therapy (read "Underwater Therapy for Evie").

Class of 2018 Transitions to Clinics

Thursday, May 4 2017

nick and larry thompson

The class of 2018 recently attended a Transition Ceremony to mark the completion of their first three years of the DVM program and the beginning of their clinical rotations at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.

“This is where the students move out of the classroom and laboratory and transition into the professional arena,” said Dr. Daniel Burba, equine surgeon and interim head of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. “They are going to experience what veterinary medicine truly is and what it means to be a doctor.”

And the Winner Is...

Thursday, May 4 2017

Liz Forbes

Elizabeth Forbes of Nashua, N.H., received the 2017 Dean Clarence H. McElroy Award, the highest honor an Oklahoma State veterinary student can achieve. The recipient is voted on by a ballot of faculty and class peers and is based on high academic achievement, leadership, and outstanding clinical proficiency.

“I was in shock when they announced my name; I still am,” said Forbes. “It’s really humbling but also scary to follow in the footsteps of other people who have received that award in the past. It’s a little nerve racking but I’m very grateful for it.”

Cytauxzoonosis in Cats

Monday, May 1 2017

cat lying down

Cytauxzoonosis is an acute, frequently fatal disease in cats caused by the red blood cell parasite, Cytauxzoon felis. Cytauxzoonosis is a devastating disease that often strikes previously healthy, young adult cats with outdoor exposure.

Approximately two weeks following transmission of the pathogen, the cat will become anorexic and depressed. A high fever, anemia, respiratory signs, and icterus or jaundice (yellowing of the skin) are common.

Twice the Challenge

Sunday, April 30 2017

twin mules and their mom

Shirley Rosenbaum runs Meadowcreek Equine Rescue Mission in Fox, Ark. She acquired a mare she calls Sarah in July 2016. The horse was not in good physical condition. A veterinarian told Rosenbaum that the horse had a broken pelvis. With care, Sarah was able to get up on her own within a month. Several months later, Rosenbaum discovered the horse was pregnant.

Thank you Donors: Veterinary Center Announces Awards

Thursday, April 20 2017

The Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences recently honored the donors who made it possible to award more than $578,400 to faculty, staff and 143 veterinary students.

Highlights of the event included several donors talking about why they give and two veterinary students explaining what being on the receiving end of those gifts means to them and their future veterinary medicine careers.

OSU Releases Lucky

Friday, April 14 2017

a man holding a duck

Vet Med Open House Hits Record High

Thursday, April 13 2017

group of people outside

The 2017 Open House Committee

Front row (left to right): Ellen Jackson, Alexa Hunter, Angie Thompson, Lydia Cain, Erin Jones, Karen Anstead and Elisa Green.

Back row (left to right): Christa Olbrey, Kellie Taylor, Zach Croslin, Stephen Dilday, Shannon Remerowski, Dominique Jette and Haley Reidlinger. 

Phi Zeta Research Day 2017

Tuesday, April 11 2017

head shot of a dark haired man in a suit and tie

Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences recently held its 21st Phi Zeta Research Day. Veterinary students, interns, residents, graduate students and post docs presented clinical cases or research studies throughout the day, competing for top honors.

Congratulations to the following presenters in these categories: