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Oklahoma State University
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

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Phi Zeta Research Day

Monday, April 18 2016

group of students and professors

The 20th Annual Phi Zeta Research Day recently occurred at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. Veterinary students, interns, residents, graduate students and post-doctoral candidates were invited to give a short presentation in one of five categories: resident or intern basic/applied research, resident or intern clinical case presentation, graduate student or post-doctoral research, veterinary student basic/applied research, or veterinary student clinical case presentation.

A total of 42 presentations were made throughout the day and the competition was tough. Judges awarded the following cash prizes:

  • Resident or Intern Basic/Applied Research
    • Brandy Cichocki, 1st place $400, Effect of pre-anesthetic fasting time on gastroesophageal reflux
    • Jason Duell, 2nd place $300, Frequency of dehiscence in hand-sutured and stapled intestinal anastomoses in dogs
    • Darla Moser, 3rd place $200, Effect of volume and local pressure of regional limb perfusate on the local and systemic amikacin concentrations in the horse


  • Resident or Intern Clinical Case Presentation
    • Cindy Hopf, 1st place $400, Central diabetes insipidus in a dog
    • Carrie Cavett, 2nd place $300, Tachycardia-induced cardiomyopathy subsequent to persistent junctional tachycardia in an 8-year-old Labrador retriever
    • Darla Moser, Honorable Mention $200, Catastrophic complication following injection and extracorporeal shockwave therapy of a medial femoral condyle subchondral cystic lesion in a 14-year-old Arabian mare
    • Lana Rothenburg, Honorable Mention $200, Disseminated phaeohyphomycosis secondary to cyclosporine toxicity in a dog


  • Graduate Student or Post-Doctoral Research
    • Mallika Achanta, 1st place $400, Extracellular matrix proteoglycans are important in neonatal metabolism
    • Joshua VanOsdol, 2nd place $300, Mild hyperthermia induced by high intensity focused ultrasound for intratumoral doxorubicin delivery utilizing imageable echogenic low temperature sensitive liposomes
    • Allison Campolo, Honorable Mention $200, Differential proteomic expression of equine cardiac and lamellar tissue during insulin-induced laminitis
    • Zahra Maria, Honorable Mention $200, The regulation of glucose transport is altered during diabetes-induced atrial fibrillation
    • Shannell Shoop, Honorable Mention $200, Neuregulin-1β increases glucose uptake in cardiac myocytes via a Pl3K-dependent pathway


  • Veterinary Student Basic/Applied Research
    • Livvy Jones, 1st place $400, Diversity of the brown dog tick, Rhipicephalus sanguineus, in North America


  • Veterinary Student Clinical Case Presentation
    • Allison Fuchs, 1st place $400, Urinary incontinence and cervical vertebral compressive myelopathy responsive to cervical facet corticosteroid injections in a geriatric horse
    • Sam Bilko, 2nd place $300, Tetralogy of fallot in a 2-year-old miniature Australian shepherd
    • Allison Gedney, 3rd place $200, Multicentric B-cell lymphoma in a dog


  • John King Best Overall Presentation
    • Amy Tomcheck, veterinary student $1,000, Pulmonary artery banding for palliative intervention of ventricular septal defect in a 7 month-old domestic shorthair cat

In addition the following new initiates were inducted into the Nu Chapter of Phi Zeta, the honor society for veterinary medicine. Class of 2017: Margaret Breakell, Kaitlyn Coyes, Katherine Cubbon, Kate Gault, Mary Girton, Morgan Pierce, Matthew Smallwood, and Cameron Smithee. Class of 2016: Jewel Abee, Kristen Clark, Kristen Davis, Allison Fuchs, Amanda Hall, Danielle Llan de Rosos, Evan McGehee, Merel Rodenburg, Amber Schofield, Kent Stacy, Haileigh Stainbrook, Logan Wark, and Andrew Willis. Faculty and honorary initiates included Drs. Daniel Burba, Sunao Fujita, Heather Herd, Yoko Nagamori, Rachel Oman, Grant Rezabek, Kelly Allen, Clinton Jones, and Shitao Li.

Photo Gallery:

one man and two women posing for a photo

Resident or Intern Basic/Applied Research winners (left to right): Drs. Darla Moser, Jason Duell and Brandy Cichocki. 

two women posing with certificates

Resident or Intern Clinical Case Presentation winners (left to right): Drs. Darla Moser and Carrie Cavett.

three women and one man posing with certificates

Graduate Student or Post-Doctoral Research winners (left to right): Zahra Maria, Allison Compolo, Shannell Shoop and Joshua VanOsdol.

four women posing for a photo

Veterinary Students Basic/Applied Research and Clinical Case Presentation winners (left to right): Allison Gedney, Sam Bilko, Allison Fuchs and Livvy Jones.

women posing with certificate

John King Best Overall Presentation winner: veterinary student Amy Tomcheck. Visit Making Heart History to read about Romano’s case and see a short video. 

Contact: Derinda Blakeney, APR | OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences | 405-744-6740 |