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Oklahoma State University
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

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Veterinary Student Scholarships

Tuition is only a portion of the expense for a quality education, with books, fees, and room and board also at record levels. On average, 70 percent of our Center for Veterinary Health Sciences student body comes from Oklahoma, which ranks 46th nationally with an average combined household income of less than $43,000. Consequently, though OSU is widely recognized as one of the best college buys in the country, graduates of the CVHS still finish with an average student loan debt of nearly $106,000. Considering the median base salary for new veterinarians is $50,000 plus performance bonuses, this is a staggering debt load to incur. It is clear more private support is necessary for the CVHS to help meet the growing demand for veterinarians in our region.

Who Helped Make Your Dreams a Reality at OSU?

Maybe a parent, faculty member or mentor from your college years. Maybe it was a stranger, someone who believed in the tradition and excellence of OSU’s veterinary college enough to invest in your future. Whoever it was, their support inspired your success. 

Becoming a veterinarian is a life-long commitment. Most candidates complete a four year undergraduate degree followed by four years in veterinary school. When veterinarians graduate, they face educational debt in excess of $100,000. 

Student scholarships are one way to help relieve some of that burden. In 2009, the veterinary center awarded 194 scholarships to students totaling $194,950, 68 percent or $132,250 came from endowed scholarships. Generous people, like you, are what make that possible.

The Opportunity

Impact the lives of tomorrow’s veterinarians. Establish an endowed scholarship. Help ensure that men and women who desire to become a veterinarian have the financial means to do so. Vital to the health of animals and humans alike, veterinarians:

  • help flesh out the next generation of pharmaceutical products
  • help protect food and water supplies at home and abroad
  • in rural areas help ensure our food supply remains healthy and abundant

The Investment

The Center for Veterinary Health Sciences goal is to secure $7 million for scholarships. Scholarship endowment minimum is $25,000, which will generate $1,250 in annual student support. The college is also concentrating on larger gifts leading to larger awards or multiple recipients. Donors can fund endowments through pledges, estate planning, or one-time gifts. Annual scholarships can also be funded for a minimum of $1,000. Scholarships will be named according to the donor’s wishes.

Get Involved

Connect to OSU’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. Invest in the future of veterinary medicine. Establish a scholarship in memory or honor of someone. 

Scholarships Statistics

2014 – awarded $585,100
2015 – awarded $575,000

2016 – awarded $632,000
2017 – awarded $578,400
2018 – awarded $551,700