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Oklahoma State University
Center For Veterinary Health Sciences

Healthy Animals - Healthy People

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Top Giving Opportunities

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures Program | Building a Minimally Invasive Procedures Program to improve animal well-being by minimizing pain and discomfort associated with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Less pain, faster healing, decreased anesthesia risk and better outcomes are a few of the advantages reported for MIPs.
  • Dr. Roger Panciera Project Fund | The program aims to enhance student learning honors Dr. Roger Panciera’s teaching legacy by elevating the educational experience for students. This project will provide enhanced technology in new and existing classrooms and the teaching aids necessary to train the next generation of veterinarians
  • Clinical Skills Program | The program will engage students in hands-on learning experiences throughout the four-year program in a low-stress, low-risk environment. Students will augment curriculum offerings while minimizing live animal usage. Students will develop clinical abilities and improve skills over time through repetition using animal cadavers and simulated computer models.

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Other Giving Opportunities and Funds

Office of the Dean

Veterinary Medical Hospital

Veterinary Clinical Sciences

  • CVHS Academic Center | Construction and naming opportunities for the exterior and interior CVHS faculty office facility.
  • Veterinary Clinical Sciences Fund | Support the faculty who are an integral part of the hospital who train veterinary students through hands-on experience and provide the highest quality of care to clients and patients.

Veterinary Research

  • Canine Research Fund | To further research in canine health.
  • Companion Animal / Small Animal | Funds support improving the health of companion animals by increasing the understanding of small animal diseases through research, improving the methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment.
  • Equine Research Program | To further research in the effects of exercise and physiological stress of respiratory function in horses.

Additional Opportunities


For more information, contact Chris Sitz, Senior Director of Development& Team Lead, at (405) 385-5170 or