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Thursday, September 10 2015

Celebrating Cats as Pets

While life outdoors is more unpredictable and some might argue, more interesting for cats, it is also clearly more dangerous.  Outdoor cats are at risk for predators such as coyotes, birds of prey, rattlesnakes and free roaming dogs.  Outdoor cats can get into fights with other cats or wildlife and spread diseases to one another. 

Cats can be taken for walks on a harness or ride in a cat stroller to give them some outdoor time.  They can also play in fenced areas or be given access to your screen porch. 

Like humans, cats can also be interested in creative indoor play activities.  I am told cats will watch TV, but my own cats only show an infrequent interest in television. 

Choosing the Right Pet

Wednesday, September 2 2015

Veterinary Viewpoints

Humans have been keeping pets since ancient times.  Pets have been shown to positively impact human health in many ways. 

They lower blood pressure, they calm us in times of stress, they give us a reason to get up in the morning, and provide us with unconditional love.  Our pets don’t care if we are having a bad hair day or are cranky from a difficult day at work. 

Try not to adopt or purchase a pet on a whim or inspiration.  Adding a pet to your family should be a deliberate, considered choice. 

Summer Heat: Keeping Pets and Livestock Healthy

Sunday, August 2 2015

Veterinary Viewpoints

Summertime in Oklahoma usually means high temperatures. It is important to keep pets and livestock properly hydrated and protected from the heat.

Daisy the Donor

Friday, July 17 2015

Veterinary Viewpoints

On July 15, 2015, America celebrated National Cow Appreciation Day. Though there are many cows to be thankful for, the staff, faculty, and students of Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Services would like to call special attention to its resident ruminal fluid donor Daisy.  Daisy is more than just a three-year-old Jersey cow, she is a hero.

Pet Fire Safety

Monday, June 29 2015

Veterinary Viewpoints

Created by The American Kennel club and ACCT Security Services, National Pet Fire Safety Day (July 15) is devoted to helping pet owners keep their beloved pets safe.

Road Trips

Friday, June 5 2015

Veterinary Viewpoints

Many people like to take their pets on vacation. My family has spent many camping vacations with our dogs. It’s fun to hike and canoe with our dogs. They seem to enjoy the new scenery as much as we do.

However, there are destinations when my dogs stay home. Family or friends watch over them or they are boarded. The same goes for my cats—they stay with a house sitter or are boarded.

If you are traveling this vacation season, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Flea Control

Friday, May 29 2015

Veterinary Viewpoints

Fleas are a major nuisance for pets and pet owners alike. Many pets reside indoors and fleas have become a year-round problem with contamination of both the yard and the home. 

Caring for Pet Birds

Friday, May 22 2015

Veterinary Voices: Pet Birds

At the May Veterinary Voices Seminar, Joao Brandao, LMV, MS, presented "Pet Birds: How to provide the best environment for your pet bird."

Navicular Syndrome

Friday, May 22 2015

Veterinary Voices: Navicular Syndrome and Your Horse

At the April 7 Veterinary Voices Seminar, Dan Burba, DVM, DACVS, professor of equine surgery at OSU's Veterinary Medical Hospital, talked about navicular syndrome.

Preventing and Treating Dog Bites

Monday, May 18 2015

Veterinary Viewpoints

National Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 17-23, 2015. Veterinarians at OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital offer some helpful tips on preventing and treating dog bites.