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Continual Care Program Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

Through your endowed fund, the Cohn Pet Care Facility will provide for your pet when you are no longer capable of daily care. You can choose to permanently house your pet at the Cohn Pet Care Facility or we will work to find your pet the perfect home that matches the requirements you establish when enrolling. Regardless of your decision, your pet will receive the highest standard of care from CVHS veterinarians and support staff.

How do you decide who adopts my pet?

You’ll have the chance to tell us all about your pet and any specific requirements for potential adopters. You also have the ability to name a friend or family member who will be responsible for adopting your pet while also ensuring all of their medical care will be provided for with the endowment you establish with us.

What happens if you can't find the perfect people to adopt my pet?

If we cannot find appropriate adopters, your pet will remain in our care. We will continue to abide by your requests and keep your pet happy and healthy.

How will my pet be cared for?

While your pet is staying at the Cohn Pet Care Facility, your endowed fund covers all daily costs such as food, toys and bedding, as well as any medical procedures and routine veterinary visits and vaccines. Your pet will be catered to by the best OSU specialists, ensuring quality and timely attention. Outdoor runs and a spacious play room will guarantee your pet gets plenty of time with staff andb visitors while we find his or her future home.

What happens to my endowment if my pet passes away before me?

Your endowed gift ensures the health and happiness of whichever animal may be your companion at the time your pet arrives at the Cohn Pet Care Facility. If your pet passes away before admittance to the Facility, your gift will extend to any future pet you may acquire at the appropriate endowment levels.

What does the university do with my money after my pet dies?

After your pet passes, the endowed fund will benefit the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences as a whole. Your gift will help the education of future veterinarians and research into new and improved veterinary treatments to benefit animals.

How do I enroll my pet for the program?

The enrollment process is simple. To start, we’ll have you fill out a few forms including information about his or her daily routine in addition to providing a photo of your pet. In order to guarantee a spot for your pet(s) and secure the current price, a minimum five percent of the total endowment amount is due at the time of enrollment. Due to the tremendous interest in our program, we cannot guarantee space to any pet that does not have completed paperwork and at least five percent of their total endowment paid in advance. Please contact us if you have any questions about the enrollment process or program.