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Oklahoma State Recognizes Clinical Expertise

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Kara Holland (second from left) and Emily Davis (second from right) each received an American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Certificate of Clinical Excellence for demonstrating a sincere interest in veterinary internal medicine and proven outstanding didactic and clinical expertise. Both Holland and Davis were recognized for their small animal medicine skills. Also receiving an ACVIM Certificate of Excellence was Kaitlyn Belanger in recognition of her large animal veterinary medicine skills.

As the fourth and final year of veterinary college nears the end for the class of 2018, clinical instructors at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences took a moment to recognize the clinical accomplishments of these soon-to-be veterinarians.

Congratulations to these OSU veterinary students for their hard work and clinical skills development. Drs. Laura Nafe (left) and Danielle Dugat (right) presented the awards.

Miranda Anthony (center) received the Betty M. Lighton Award for her case management and client communication skills in small animal intensive care cares.
Murphee Stepanek (center) received the Dr. Newton B. Tennille Endowed Scholarship for her demonstration of fellowship and community while at the veterinary center, her willingness to accept new ideas and her ability to be resourceful in finding solutions to problems.
Allison Ruicker (center) received the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology Award for her enthusiasm for and understanding of diagnostic and clinical dermatology.
Jessica Collins (center) received the W.F. and H.R. Irwin Memorial Scholarship for her outstanding performance in anatomy and small animal surgery.
Jennifer Hardy (center) received the American Animal Hospital Association Award for her proficiency in primary care cases.
Paige Hafner (center) received the American College of Veterinary Radiology Award for her enthusiasm for and an understanding of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology.
Tyler Smith (center) received the American College of Veterinary Surgeons Award for his academic and clinical proficiency in small animal surgery. Also receiving an ACVS Award was Stephen Doby in recognition of his skills in large animal surgery.
Emma Rupert (center) received the Veterinary Cancer Society Bob Rosenthal Senior Student Award for Proficiency in Clinical Oncology. Rupert is recognized for her care of animals with cancer and for her client communication skills with their owners.
Emily Davis (center) also received the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society Award for Proficiency in Emergency and Critical Care. Davis exhibited commitment and exceptional proficiency in caring for emergency and critical care patients across all species.

Each year veterinary students attending offshore veterinary colleges have the opportunity to complete their clinical training at a veterinary college stateside such as Oklahoma State. This year for the first time, faculty instructors chose to recognize those offshore students who excelled during their clinical training rotations at OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital.

Amy Davenport (center) from Ross University was recognized for her excellent clinical skills in large animal medicine. Also recognized for their clinical skills in small animal medicine were Greeshma Hegde, from St. George’s University, and Zachary Sloan, from Ross University.

Finally, two veterinary students completed a Graduate Certificate in a Shelter Medicine program. Above and beyond their clinical rotations, this program required the students to take an online curriculum.

Dr. Kim Carter (right) presented a plaque to Macy Schneeberger (left) for being one of the first at OSU to earn a Maddie’s Shelter Program Graduate Certificate in Shelter Medicine. Rhiannon Chapman also completed the program but was not present.

A special round of applause for the dedicated faculty clinicians who diligently train our veterinary students to be career ready upon graduation whether they go into private practice, academia, biomedical research, the military, the pharmaceutical industry or any other aspect of veterinary medicine.