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All I want for Christmas is to Walk

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Roo, born with a congenital deformity in three of her legs, cannot walk normally.

That’s what Roo, a 1 year old Basenji mix, would say if she could talk. Born with a congenital deformity in three of her legs, Roo cannot walk normally. The once abandoned puppy is now an emotional support dog in a counseling program for traumatized children and adults at Ranch Hand Rescue located in Argyle, Texas.

Ranch Hand Rescue is trying to secure funding to cover the cost of three prosthetics for Roo and the rehabilitation necessary to help the young dog walk.

“Roo’s only normal leg is her right hind leg,” explained Dr. Cara Blake, board certified small animal surgeon assigned to Roo’s case at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. “Her right forelimb is missing from just below the elbow down, her left forelimb is missing from her wrist down and her left hind limb is missing half of her foot. The challenge is to get not one, but three prosthetics to fit correctly. Since Roo has never walked in a normal way, we will have to teach her how to walk in the prosthetics and how to use her legs in a more normal way.”

The cost of each prosthetic is approximately $2,000 and the cost of rehabilitation is about $200 a day. Blake estimates that it will take about two months to adjust the prosthetics and train Roo to walk.

“We acquired Roo from the Lewisville Animal Shelter when she was about 5 months old,” said Bob Williams, president and CEO of Ranch Hand Rescue. “The shelter donated a wheelchair for Roo, which gave her a little mobility. Everyone has fallen in love with her. We want to do right by Roo and hope people can find it in their hearts to donate toward her prosthetics and rehabilitation.”

If you would like to help Roo live a healthier, happier life, please contact Ranch Hand Rescue at 940-240-0500 or visit Ranch Hand Rescue.

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