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Orange Sockies

Welcome to the Cowboy or Cowgirl additions to alumni of the OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences! These legacy children and grandchildren are important members of the CVHS family. We hope they all enjoy the many legacy opportunities offered at OSU.

If your newest addition is not pictured here, send in a snapshot to Sharon Worrell, alumni affairs specialist at

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Rowyn Lilliana McLaughlin, daughter of Drs. Ben (2011) and Alicia McLaughlin (2011).

rowyn mclaughlin

Avery Grace Kinser, daughter of Dr. Shawn Kinser, class of 2015.

avery kinser


Isla Sheahan, daughter of Dr. Jennifer Sheahan, class of 2011.

baby isla sheahan

Jameson Paul Wagnon, son of Drs. Dan (2011) and Bridget (2012) Wagnon.

jameson wagnon

Louisa Claire Garrels, daughter of Dr. Kyla Stephens-Garrels, class of 2008.

louisa garrels

Evalynn Inez Smith, daughter of Dr. Sarah Chaudoin-Smith, class of 2007.

orange baby socks

Braylee Airyn Dugat, daughter of Dr. Danielle Dugat, class of 2007.

braylee dugat


Silas Winn Bigbie, grandson of Dr. Rocky Bigbie, class of 1981.

silas bigbie