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Oklahoma State University
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

Healthy Animals - Healthy People

Research Mission

Dr. Jerry MalayerOur Mission

  • Our mission is the development of a nationally renowned program of animal health and biomedical research.
  • The quality of the instructional and professional service program in a college of veterinary medicine tends to be closely identified with the quantity and quality of the faculty's research productivity.
  • The publication and presentation of research results give the college visibility within the veterinary profession and the biomedical community.
  • Visibility and good reputation greatly enhance the college's ability to recruit and retain highly motivated and productive faculty and to recruit candidates for the college's veterinary, graduate and internship and residency training programs.
  • A highly productive and renowned research faculty generates outside funds for equipment, graduate trainees and indirect costs that directly benefit the instructional and service missions.

Our Laboratories

The Center for Veterinary Health Science (CVHS) has invested in state of the art laboratory facilities to accomplish our mission of service to companion animal, livestock, and human health and well-being. These laboratories are designed to the highest standards for conduct of infectious disease and toxicology research and meet all federal and state regulatory guidelines. View our research capabilities in the following links.

Comparative Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Krull-Ewing Laboratory

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program

Neurotoxicology Laboratory

Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Targeted Therapy

Center for Veterinary Health Sciences Ranch

Oklahoma Center for Respiratory and Infectious Diseases