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Oklahoma State University
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

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Phi Zeta Research Day 2017

Tuesday, April 11 2017

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Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences recently held its 21st Phi Zeta Research Day. Veterinary students, interns, residents, graduate students and post docs presented clinical cases or research studies throughout the day, competing for top honors.

Congratulations to the following presenters in these categories:

  • Veterinary Student or Intern Clinical Case
    • First Place – Dr. Ryan McCann, avian, exotic and zoo medicine intern
    • Second Place – Dr. Emma Faulkner, small animal medicine and surgery intern
    • Honorable Mention – Dr. Mallory Watson, small animal medicine and surgery intern
  • Resident Case Reports (Treatment)
    • First Place – Dr. Katie Hornberger, theriogenology resident
    • Second Place – Dr. Johnattan Arango, small animal surgery resident
    • Honorable Mention – Dr. Leslie Wagner, food animal medicine and surgery resident
  • Resident Case Reports (Diagnosis)
    • First Place – Dr. Rory Chia-Ching Chien, veterinary pathobiology
    • Second Place – Dr. Maggie McCourt, veterinary pathobiology
    • Honorable Mention – Dr. Rebecca Tims, small animal internal medicine resident
  • Resident or Intern Research
    • First Place – Dr. Greg Levine, small animal surgery specialty intern
    • Second Place – Dr. Jenna Young, equine surgery resident
    • Honorable Mention – Dr. Corbin Telford, small animal medicine and surgery intern
  • Graduate Student/Post-Doctoral Research
    • First Place – Alia Houser, class of 2018/PhD student
    • Second Place – Allison Campolo, PhD student
    • Honorable Mention – Zahra Maria, PhD student
  • Veterinary Student Research
    • Lauren Kuzimski, class of 2018
  • John King Award (Best Presentation by a Veterinary Student)
    • Peter Czajkowski, class of 2017 (pictured top right)
  • Manuscripts
    • Nu Chapter Outstanding Manuscript, Basic Research: Kalyani Ektate
    • Nu Chapter Outstanding Manuscript, Clinical/Applied Research: Darla Moser

In addition to the presentation awards, new initiates were welcomed into the Nu Chapter of the Society of Phi Zeta, the honor society of veterinary medicine.

Class of 2017 new initiates were: Kyle Albin, Ashley Chandler, Peter Czajkowski, Chantel Davenport, Kayla DeVous, Elizabeth Forbes, Ian Frye, Livvy Jones, Jose Oyola Morales, Olivia Shoup and Sora Yang. 

Class of 2018 new initiates included: Kaitlyn Belanger, Jennifer Hardy, Kara Holland, Ashley Hollingsworth, Ellen Jackson, Blythe Knickmeyer, Emma Rupert and Chelsea Sanders.

Active memberships recognized were: Drs. Alix Dieterly, veterinary pathobiology; Clay Hallman, veterinary clinical sciences; McKenzie Hallman, veterinary clinical sciences; Camilla Jamieson, veterinary clinical sciences; Maggie McCourt, veterinary pathobiology; and Sarah Peakheart, veterinary clinical sciences. Dr. Kelly Allen was inducted as an honorary member.

Special thanks to this year’s sponsors: Bayer Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim, Hills, Zoetis and the veterinary center’s offices of academic affairs and research and graduate education.

For more information on research at OSU’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, visit the research webpage.

group of people

Resident case report awardees (left to right): Drs. Rory Chia-Ching Chien, Maggie McCourt, Rebecca Tims, Johnattan Arango and Leslie Wagner.

group of people holding certificates

Research award recipients (left to right): Allison Campolo, Alia Houser, Zahra Maria. Dr. Greg Levine and Dr. Jenna Young.

group of people

Class of 2017 initiates pictured above front row (left to right): Jose Oyola Morales, Sora Yang, Livvy Jones, Kayla DeVous and Elizabeth Forbes.
Pictured above back row (left to right): Olivia Shoup, Ian Frye, Ashley Chandler, Kyle Albin and Peter Czajkowski.

group pf women

Class of 2018 initiates pictured above (left to right): Ashley Hollingsworth, Emma Rupert, Kara Holland, Blythe Knickmeyer, Kaitlyn Belanger, Chelsea Sanders and Jennifer Hardy.

three women

Active memberships pictured above (left to right): Drs. Alix Dieterly, Maggie McCourt and Camilla Jamieson.