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Oklahoma State University
Center for Veterinary Health Sciences

Healthy Animals - Healthy People

Dual Degree Programs

DVM/MS or DVM/PhD Degree

  • Applicant initially applies for admission to the OSU DVM program
  • Once a student has been admitted to the DVM program, then they may apply for admission to the VBSC graduate program
  • DVM studies are initiated first, while graduate studies courses and research can be taken during summer semesters, as electives or step-out year during DVM studies
  • Matriculation of graduate studies requires at least one to three years post-DVM

Veterinary Medical Residency/PhD or MS Degrees

  • Veterinarians must apply for and be accepted to OSU CVHS residency program
  • Clinical Residents (in consultation with their residency section chief) apply for admission to the VBSC graduate program. 
  • Clinical Residency/MS students take 21 credit hours and complete their thesis research during the latter part of their residency
  • Clinical Residency/PhD students take 60 credit hours and typically require one to three additional years post-residency to complete their degree

PhD-MBA and PhD-Entrepreneurship Degrees

  • Must be a current PhD student in the VBSC program
  • These programs are above and beyond the credit hours required for the VBSC PhD program and are entered into toward the end of obtaining the PhD degree studies