Net Vet Weekly: May 26
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Academic Center: Opening August, 2015
The exterior brickwork is going up while the interior fabrication continues.
The Friday Bit: May 22
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Barred Owl is Back Home in the Wild
An injured owl was brought to OSU's Veterinary Medical Hospital for treatment.
On the Job with Dr. Breshears
2014 Regents Distinguished Teacher
3 Minute Thesis Competition
Herrin wins Veterinary Center 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Featured Event

OSU OVMA Summer Seminar

The OSU OVMA Summer Seminar runs June 12-13, 2015. For more information, visit OSU OVMA Summer Seminar.

Faculty Spotlight

On the Job with Dr. Breshears

"What I like most about teaching is seeing the light bulb come on when students finally gain that understanding of a complex process."

It's easy to understand why Dr. Melanie Breshears received the 2014 Regents Distinguished Teaching Award. She loves her subject matter, the students and being at her alma mater.

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