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VBS Student Publications


Prevalence of antibodies to spotted fever group Rickettsia and Ehrlichia spp. In coyotes.   Starkey LA, West MD, Barrett AB, Saucier JM, O’Connor TP, Paras KL, Reiskind MH, Reichard  MV, Little SE. Journal of Wildlife  Diseases [accepted Jan. 26, 2013 for publication]

Yersinia pestis Intracellular Parasitism of Macrophages from Hosts Exhibiting High and Low Severity of Plague.   Ponnusamy D, Clinkenbeard, KD.  2012  PLoS ONE 7(7): e42211. Doi:10.137/journal.pone.0042211.

A low-cost needle-based single-fiber reflectance spectroscopy method to probe scattering changes associated with mineralization in intervertebral discs in chondrodystrophoid canine species – A pilot study.   Daqing Piao, Kelci McKeirnan, Yuanyuan Jiang, Melanie A. Breshears and Kenneth E. Bartels.  2012 Photon Lasers Med 1: 103-115.

The Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Matrix Protein Is Required for Maturation of Viral Filaments.   Ruchira Mitra, Pradyumna Baviskar, Rebecca R. Duncan-Decocq, Darshna Patel and Antonius G. P. Oomens. 2012  J. Virol., 86(8):4432.

Right Ventricular and Saphenous Vein Thrombi Associated with Sepsis in a Quarter Horse Foal. Banse, H.; Holbrook, T.C.; Gilliam, L.; Raynor, K. 2012 J Vet Intern Med Vol. 26:178-182.

Testicular Neoplasia in the Retained Testicles of an Intersex Male Dog.  Herndon, A., DVM; Casal, Margaret, L., Dr. med vet., PhD, DECAR; Jaques, John T., MS, PhD; 48:2 Mar/Apr 2012.

Defeating ticks: practical tips for preventing tick-borne disease in pets.   Starkey LA, Little SE. Today’s Veterinary Practice Sep/Oct 2012 (Vol 2, No 5)

Conquering fleas: preventing infestations & limiting disease transmission.  Little SE, Starkey LA. Today’s Veterinary Practice Nov/Dec 2012 (Vol 2, No 6)

Diversity of Hepatozoon spp. in Coyotes from the Southcentral United States.   Starkey LA, Panciera RJ, Paras K, Allen KE, Reiskind M, Reichard MV, Johnson EM, Little SE. Journal of  Parasitology [Epub ahead of print] Aug 27, 2011.


Exposure risk for agents of ehrlichiosis in dogs in Oklahoma.  Lindsay Starkey.  AAVP annual meeting, San Diego, CA (Aug 5, 2012) 

Exposure risk for agents of ehrlichiosis in dogs in Oklahoma.  Lindsay Starkey.  Phi Zeta Research Day, Stillwater, OK (Mar 30, 2012)

Relative importance of cytoplasmic domain residues of  F protein in RSV infectivity.  Pradyumna S. Baviskar and Tom Oomens.  30th annual of the American Society for Virology meeting at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, July 16- 20, 2011

Role of cytoplasmic domain of F protein of RSV infectivity.  Pradyumna S. Baviskar, Darshna Patel and Tom Oomens.  29th annual American Society for Virology meeting at Montana State University, Bozeman, July17-21, 2010